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Our Contact Center solution connects companies and people.

From people to people


Our Contact Center tool transforms customer service to serve people. Now you can get to know each customer better and focus on genuine interaction

– creating a committed, human customer experience. 


Having the right tools makes contact center work not only efficient, but also rewarding. Motivated customer service experts, in turn, thank their employer by doing their work better: by creating customer experiences that help the company succeed.



Merlin Contact Center is developed in Finland and is a service fine-tuned by the experiences of thousands of users. Our Contact Center solution is always tailored to customer's needs.


You can now serve your customers efficiently everywhere, including on social media. We offer you a contact history from all the available channels.


By combining the contact history and customer profile information, we help you to really know your customers and their needs. You have the possibility to use a uniquely efficient, personal service

When you combine information from different channels, you will know your customer´s contact history and customer profile. This means that you can focus on customers as people and solve their specific needs.
From customer service to serving people

Know your customers and take time to focus on serving them – personally and well. From now on, you will have access to customer information and a complete history from all channels, including social media and chat.

Service without major upfront investments

Implemented as a cloud service, getting started with our solution is quick and the services can be invoiced flexibly according to use. You can now focus on developing your service and business.

Digital solutions that serve people

Free your personal resources to develop people, your company´s most important capital. Control the customer service situation throughout the company and manage resources efficiently. Get results through a digital, people-oriented approach.


Are you worried by large-scale IT projects? At Merlin, designated project managers make sure that all delivery projects are planned and implemented professionally – backed up by decades of experience. Our project managers work in close cooperation with our customers' project organizations and report on the progress of projects, also taking possible risks into consideration. Merlin's project managers are experienced project professionals capable of ensuring that a communication solution that precisely fulfills the customer's needs is planned, implemented and deployed in delivery projects.

Our professional training organization helps customers take advantage of every feature and widget of the solution. The training is always planned specifically for the customer, taking into consideration all their needs, and help is also close at hand after the training. Our service desk serves appointed contact persons in all questions. Our customers have praised it for its service-mindedness and quick response times.

In addition to the basic service solution, we have refined development ideas from our customers into a host of added-value services that address the needs of modern customer service and take into account social media and the digital world. Some examples of our added-value service is MerlinChat, which is an easily deployable solution that includes user interfaces for customer service employees as well as end customers. The appearance of the user interface can be customized according to the customer´s wishes. The functionality allows as many as six simultaneous chat sessions, which are covered by a consistent routing logic with respect to other contact types.


”When we have access to a single consistent communications solution, the reporting and monitoring tools convey information on the state of customer service throughout the group. For example, we can see precisely how our service targets are achieved and can develop our customer service based on this information. When needed, changes can also be made quickly.”




”We receive hundreds of thousands of calls a year about different topics, such as orders, invoicing and different types of inquiries and changes. Our own telemarketers and the employees of our dozens of subcontracting companies make millions of calls a year. We wanted to develop our customer service so that contacts could automatically be directed to the right experts. In addition to improving our customer service, we wanted to boost our sales efficiency by including our entire network in real-time electronic service."


Sanoma Media Finland


"For us, good customer service means that the customer is free to select a personal customer

service experience. We want to minimize the effort of our customers and make their life

easy. When the most common matters can be solved online, the customer service’s role is more

like a help desk.”

Elenia Oy





Santander Consumer Finance










Cap Gemini


Rovaniemen Energia




Ormax Monier

Helen Sähköverkko


Oulun Seudun Sähkö

HSY Vesi

Saint Gobain Rakennustuotteet


DB Schenker



Merlin makes customer service actually serve people

It is people who make purchase decisions, who decide which company's service they want to use and what type of service is worth investing in. Merlin builds solutions for people. The Merlin Contact Center solution supports a digital yet human approach – customer service that begins with knowing the customer and from genuine interaction.

We are a pioneer in communication solutions that support customer service, offering communication solutions as a complete service package independent of telecommunications companies. We have already been operating in Finland for over 25 years and more than 20,000 customers use our solution. In the last few years we have forcefully expanded into the Nordic market.

Contact Information


Telephone: +358 10 430 4201 (on weekdays 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)

Merlin Service Desk

Telephone: +358 10 430 4253  (on weekdays 8.00 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)

Service prices:
From landline phones in Finland:

8,28 cents per call + 5,95 centsd per min.
From mobile phones in Finland:

8,28 cents per call + 17,04 cents per min.
The prices include VAT 24 %

For overseras calls to Finland, the local telecommunication company´s call charge is charghed.

Keilasatama 5, 02150 Espoo

Business ID 0736045-5
Domicile Espoo

Switchboard: +358 10 430 4200 (on weekdays 8.30 a.m. - 4.30 p.m.)

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